More (plant-based! delicious! creative!) changes coming soon…

A very Happy Valentine’s Day weekend to you! I’d like to share some updates and changes to expect shortly here at Butter in Bloom, my plant-based kitchen blog.

As many of you know, I’ve been plant-based for years, with occasional treats that may include dairy or eggs while traveling or perfecting a classic technique. For example, in Paris last spring, YES I enjoyed a traditional croissant and sampled cheese. When I was experimenting with aquafaba vegan meringue (recipe coming soon!!!), it was instructive to compare the texture and process to traditional meringue. It’s illustrative of the 90/10 philosophy I follow in general: 90% of the time I strive for a whole foods, plant-based diet, and 10% of the time I will indulge in a treat outside of that scope.

However, I’ve been 100% vegan for quite a while now, and I would like to reflect that set of values more clearly here with you. Even following my 90/10 rule, that remaining 10% of treats doesn’t include animal products anymore. I have been spending time revising and transforming my recipes to share them here with you in their best, most wonderful, plant-based form.

Over the next few months, you’ll see that my new recipes here will be vegan by default, mostly out of a desire to share what I truly enjoy and what I actually prepare and eat on a daily basis with you. I’m excited for the big revision to come, and thanks for coming along with me!

Comment below if you have any favorites you’d like me to transform into a plant-based recipe. I’m finishing up a wonderful pumpkin cranberry chocolate protein bar recipe that I shared with friends on a ski trip last month, and typical of most of my recipes–they were a hit with everyone, no matter what their dietary preferences were!

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