Upcoming fall recipes: my sourdough bread, coconut corn chowder, collard green wraps, and aquafaba macarons!


Happy end of summer! It has been quite a busy one for us–moving to Albuquerque has meant a new job, new home, and, to top it off, a new puppy. While that hasn’t meant that I’ve stopped working on exciting recipes to share, it does mean that I’ve fallen behind on posting them for you. I’ll be sharing my weekly workhorse of a sourdough bread recipe, an amazing and comforting coconut corn chowder, versatile collard green wraps, and my chickpea-based vegan meringue. As always, email with your recipe requests, suggestions and feedback at AnnaButterInBloom@gmail.com.

With the photos below, I hope to express the joy and light that comes with new beginnings, even when we are all facing such challenging times. Stay tuned for these recipes soon–and I’ve included a few snaps of the aquafaba meringue that’s currently on its way to perfection. (And, of course….the new puppy!)

With love + plants,


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