An Ode to Oat Mylk: My Creamiest Homemade Version of “Oatly Barista Oat Milk”

I have come to a big realization and it’s changing the way I cook, in the form of an ode to oat mylk. Let me explain.

Although I’m vegan–a choice I made to do the best thing for the planet–a typical grocery haul of produce, nut mylk, tofu, grains, and pulses can easily rack up a LOT of packaging. Think about it: depending on what you’re buying and how many mouths you’re feeding, a single meal could result in several pieces of plastic, cartons and boxes that you’ll never use again. Thanks, bye-bye, and off to the recycling bin.

Is some of that avoidable? Of course, buying consciously, reusing what we can, and buying in bulk can help, but it got me thinking: what are the most frequent pieces of packaging I’m tossing? I looked over a week of groceries and my top three culprits are:

  • berry and greens containers
  • tofu packaging
  • mylk cartons

Using my own bags, I’ve started buying the loose heads of greens instead of packaged ones, and I’m buying large bags of frozen berries instead (nutritionally equivalent, riper, AND cheaper!). Importantly for YOU, over the last month I’ve made it my mission to perfect two things:

  1. my favorite oat mylk, which I add to coffee, hot or cold breakfast, and sauces
  2. homemade tofu (recipe coming soon!)

Below is my ode to oat mylk, with a beautiful, creamy, frothable base of oat, cashew and coconut base. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

With love + plant power,


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