Oh hello, summer: Apricot Tangerine Cheesecake Slices

Here in El Paso, summer does not creep up on us–it pounces. The gusty spring days, random hailstorms and chilly high desert sunsets suddenly open up into that first morning walk which for me marks the beginning of summer. When I wake up and take the dog out first thing in the morning and it’s…

A sticky, finger-licking post: wild Maine blueberry pie jam

This is blueberry pie in a jam jar! Note the emphasis on blueberry pie: three staged additions of berries along with butter and lemon in this jam will transform toast, yogurt, or any dessert into a sumptuously blue treat.  For the month of September, I’ve had the luck to work in the emergency department in Portland, Maine….

Biscuits on a whole new level

These biscuits are delicious as is, and they also freeze well and adapt to different additions of spices, herbs and cheeses. Morning or evening, these are gobbled up quickly, especially when seasoned with parmesan cheese and lots of black pepper and topped with gravy, or scented with lemon zest and served with whipped cream and fresh berries….

A fancy breakfast this cold December morning

After a busy week, one of my favorite ways to begin the weekend is to explore what’s new in the garden with a cup of coffee as I decide what to make for breakfast. Last week, I found that my celery and chard had gone to seed. And with the unseasonably wet and warm autumn, dozens…

Garnish with whipped chantilly cream

The trick to a true chantilly cream is the addition of table sugar at the very end. The result is a charming, delicate crunch of sugar throughout the light whipped cream, which is a real treat.

Våffeldagen: Swedish Waffles today

Although it is a sunny day in September, I’m having a våffeldagen here at home. National Waffle Day (Våffeldagen) is a Swedish tradition every March, with the word coming from Vårfrudagen, Our Lady’s Day of Ascension. This entirely non-religious holiday simply requires at least one meal consisting of lovely, fluffy Swedish waffles, usually with freshly…

Candying fresh flowers in hopes of warm weather

Last summer, headed outside to trim fresh cilantro, I found that all four of my plants had bolted (gone to seed) over the last few days. Crestfallen, I went back inside to see what I could improvise with. After a few unsuccessful minutes, I turned around, went back outside with scissors, snipped off a sprig of the coriander…