Building resiliency in the kitchen: Make your own tofu

As an ER doctor, I haven’t gone anywhere but to work for 16 days and counting. I’m self-isolating because I know that because of my exposure to sick patients, I am at risk of infecting others if I go to public places, including the grocery store. Of course, I could also become sick from public…

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Biscuits on a whole new level

These biscuits are delicious as is, and they also freeze well and adapt to different additions of spices, herbs and other flavorings. Morning or evening, these are gobbled up quickly, especially when seasoned with fresh herbs and lots of black pepper and topped with gravy, or scented with lemon zest and served with coconut yogurt and fresh…

Garnish with whipped chantilly cream

The trick to a true chantilly cream is the addition of table sugar at the very end. The result is a charming, delicate crunch of sugar throughout the light whipped cream, which is a real treat.

A gravy to build your name on

This smooth, rich gravy gets flavor from browning the vegan butter before adding garlic and herbs. My biscuits are the perfect base to this gravy. Add sautéed veggies or mushrooms and tofu and you’ve got a meal! Thin the gravy as needed with a small amount of water, and serve hot.

Candying fresh flowers in hopes of warm weather

Last summer, headed outside to trim fresh cilantro, I found that all four of my plants had bolted (gone to seed) over the last few days. Crestfallen, I went back inside to see what I could improvise with. After a few unsuccessful minutes, I turned around, went back outside with scissors, snipped off a sprig of the coriander…