A sticky, finger-licking post: wild Maine blueberry pie jam

This is blueberry pie in a jam jar! Note the emphasis on blueberry pie: three staged additions of berries along with butter and lemon in this jam will transform toast, yogurt, or any dessert into a sumptuously blue treat.  For the month of September, I’ve had the luck to work in the emergency department in Portland, Maine….

Frozen cherries bring the taste of summer early with…clafoutis!

Clafoutis (pronounced “klah-foo-tee”) is a wonderful, comforting baked custard studded with cherries in the simple, rustic French tradition. Its magically crisp cake-like edges and smooth custard center are sprinkled with crunchy sugar just before serving.  This recipe is made both more affordable and possible year-round by using frozen cherries, although the traditional recipe uses unpitted cherries…