Event cakes

Your celebrations inspire me to create delicious and beautiful cakes to share with your loved ones. I’m a plant-based home artisan baker. If your celebration preferences include the use of eggs or dairy, I try my best to work with you to replace them with plant-based versions that I have successfully tested.

My personal focus includes:

  • European artisan baking methods
    • as a Swede I am partial to chocolate, coffee and berries and love the challenge of turning an idea or flavor into a dessert
  • highest quality ingredients
    • my standard is 100% organic and local when seasonally available
  • decorating in fondant or buttercream
  • specializing in small events, baby/bridal showers, birthdays, and weddings
  • wide variety of cake/frosting flavors and decorating styles
  • working with wide variety of budget ranges
  • creative and flavorful dietary restrictions, including vegan, low glycemic and gluten free

For a consult, we will:

  • Decide color and style: sending me pictures is usually the easiest way to define both style and color palette
    • “style” can include simple, classic, rustic, artsy, elegant, etc.
  • Decide layout:
    • one fancy round for display (and to keep for you two!) plus a sheet cake (more affordable)
    • cupcakes on cake stands, cupcake bouquets
    • traditional layered: square layered, round layered
    • side by side presentation
    • special shape
  • Decide size:
    • #1 Choose a Cake Slice Size [Traditionally, high-end venues serve very thin slices whereas more casual affairs serve thicker homestyle slices. The size of your cake slice is up to you and what you would like to treat your guests to.]
    • #2 Decide Whether You Want To Offer Seconds [Budget-friendly tip: Serve thin slices of cake so you have cake leftover for those who want seconds.]
    • #3 Hands-Off the Top Cake Tier? Many couples for weddings like to freeze the top tier for their one year wedding anniversary. My cakes are make to freeze especially well. Alternatively, I can simply provide a “voucher” for a tiny fresh baked version of your wedding cake delivered one year later.

For the general rule of thumb for sizes and servings:

Round 6″ 12 servings Square 6″ 18 servings
8″ 24 8″ 32
9″ 32 10″ 50
10″ 38 12″ 72
12″ 56
  • Decide finish:
    • buttercream or fondant
    • finish style: fondant can be loosely pleated or smooth. Buttercream can be smooth, roses, pleated, ruffled, rustic swirls, etc.
    • decorations: fresh flowers, organic sugared flowers, patterning, etc.
    • TIP: inspiring pictures are a great starting point for this as well.
  • Schedule cake tasting date, if desired: I will make two or three flavor options to sample and discuss to come up with the perfect dessert.
    • My standard cakes are: rich chocolate, butter vanilla, marbled, red velvet, coffee, sweet spice, mocha espresso, delicate chocolate, lemon, almond, raspberry, strawberry, banana, salted caramel*
    • My standard buttercream frosting options: chocolate, vanilla, almond, espresso, salted caramel, peppermint*
    • Extra filling options: whipped cream, fresh fruit, pastry cream, chocolate ganache, vanilla, coffee or chocolate mousse*

*I’m always happy to make any of your flavor ideas!

For questions, email me at AnnaButterInBloom@gmail.com.