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A sticky, finger-licking post: wild Maine blueberry pie jam

This is blueberry pie in a jam jar! Note the emphasis on blueberry pie: three staged additions of berries along with butter and lemon in this jam will transform toast, yogurt, or any dessert into a sumptuously blue treat.  For the month of September, I’ve had the luck to work in the emergency department in Portland, Maine….

Golden milk tea: a feel-good, anti-inflammatory cure-all

This golden milk tea is near and dear to my heart. Several loved ones who have had injuries, winter chills, stomach bugs, cancer diagnoses, or simply wanted to cut back on drinking alcohol in the evening have begun enjoying the benefits of this comforting tea. The vibrant brew tastes like a fragrant, full-flavored chai without the black tea….

A fancy breakfast this cold December morning

After a busy week, one of my favorite ways to begin the weekend is to explore what’s new in the garden with a cup of coffee as I decide what to make for breakfast. Last week, I found that my celery and chard had gone to seed. And with the unseasonably wet and warm autumn, dozens…

Frozen cherries bring the taste of summer early with…clafoutis!

Clafoutis (pronounced “klah-foo-tee”) is a wonderful, comforting baked custard studded with cherries in the simple, rustic French tradition. Its magically crisp cake-like edges and smooth custard center are sprinkled with crunchy sugar just before serving.  This recipe is made both more affordable and possible year-round by using frozen cherries, although the traditional recipe uses unpitted cherries…

The chocolate almond torte to make you famous this winter

This traditional Italian torte is at once rich, light, fluffy and decadent. It is an impressive gluten free dessert to share and keeps well for a week or more at room temperature. A gâteau from Stephane Reynaud’s whimsical French cookbook Ripailles inspired my simple version below, which is always a hit. For the torte pictured, I…

Garnish with whipped chantilly cream

The trick to a true chantilly cream is the addition of table sugar at the very end. The result is a charming, delicate crunch of sugar throughout the light whipped cream, which is a real treat.

A fresh spring harvest means a lazy, savory pie for dinner

This spring has been a strange one, even for New Mexico. We’ve had summer heat, days of snow and hail, and weekly storms of rain and wind. Although that spells trouble for me on my bicycle commute, the garden has been loving all the moisture and is producing greens twice as fast as we can eat…