Kaviar for Breakfast: A Swedish breakfast tradition that leaves me feeling fancy, happy and healthy

Growing up split between my hispanic family in New Mexico and my Swedish family in Sweden, food more than anything communicates to me where I am and, for that matter, who I am. My father is a tall blue-eyed and blonde-haired Swede, and has always taken pride in teaching me about Swedish traditions and history. His favorite treat for me is waking up at his typical far-too-early-for-me hour and preparing a traditional Swedish breakfast: knäckebröd (rye crisp bread), kaviar (smoked cod roe) and boiled egg smörgås (open sandwiches), fresh berries with yogurt, and, of course–strong coffee.

This recipe is NOT vegan, but a traditional Swedish recipe that I wanted to share with you!

Traditional Swedish Kaviar Breakfast Smörgås

  • Servings: for two
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

  • 2 soft or hard boiled eggs (your preference), sliced lengthwise into four slices
  • 4 slices crispbread (Wasa knäckebröd or similar brand); alternatively, thinly sliced and well toasted whole wheat or rye bread
  • 1/3 cucumber, sliced crosswise
  • Swedish smoked kaviar (Kalles or similar brand); alternatively, smoked trout or cured salmon is a luxurious stand-in if you cannot find Swedish kaviar
  • 2 sprigs dill or small handful of mixed greens, optional for garnish

    Layer atop the crispbread slices of egg and cucumber, and top with a zig-zag shaped squiggle of caviar, approximately 1-2 tablespoons. Garnish with dill or mixed greens as you wish. Best served alongside fresh fruit, yogurt and strong coffee and is a WONDERFUL, easy to assemble addition to a hike or picnic.

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