A long time coming: meet my hens!

Having kept chickens for almost ten years, I’ve found that three or four hens is the right number for me for a number of reasons. From Spring to Fall, when egg-laying is at its peak, the ladies lay about three eggs a day. This is far too many for me alone, but a good number to be able to share with family and friends, with enough leftover for a weekly cake or quiche to bring to a party. In the winter, eggs will dwindle down to one or two a day, which is perfect for me. Chickens are easy, friendly and entertaining pets to have around the yard–and they love table scraps!

Let me introduce you to my three hens:

Honey, a golden-laced Wyandotte. She’s front and center in the above photo, and lays a light brown/rosy pink egg.

Cocoa, a Copper Black Maran. Her coloring is a beautiful blue-black with a few slight copper markings at her collar. Her eggs are a solid dark chocolate brown.

Turmeric, a Welsummer. Although she looks similar to a Rhode Island Red, in several spots her feathers have a pretty golden border. She lays a dark chocolate brown egg with almost black speckles.

In these photos, you may have noticed a white crested dove who has made herself home in the flock. She snuck into the chicken yard a few months ago with an injured wing. I assume the chickens gave her protection while she couldn’t fly. The wing has since healed up, but she feels right at home with the hens and has stuck around! I’m hoping that someday she starts laying–how cool would that be?

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  1. Diana says:

    Love love you My dear Annaxxxooo


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